Technical Information

Pikes Peak Center Tech Packet 2020

Great Hall Seating

The auditorium features continental seating throughout the orchestra, loge, mezzanine and balcony for a total of 2,000 seats. There are side box seats at the mezzanine and balcony levels. There are 1,171 seats on the main floor (Orchestra & Loge). There are 290 seats in the mezzanine. There are 528 seats in the balcony.

Loading Dock

The loading dock, adjacent to the stage left, can accommodate two tractor-trailers simultaneously. The dock height is 4’-0. Loading is through two separate 12’-0 wide x 10’-0 high overhead doors and then a 90 degree right turn onto the stage. An 8’-0 wide x 8’-0 high x 12’-0 deep freight elevator located in the receiving area provides basement level access for transportation of equipment & wardrobe into the orchestra pit and chorus dressing rooms.

Proscenium & Stage

The proscenium has a maximum opening of 81’-0 wide x 40’-0 high and is adjustable with black velour masking down to 34’-0 wide x 16’-0 high. There is a 6’-0 deep apron. Working depth of the stage is 52’-0 from plaster line. The total width of the stage from wall to wall is 116’-0. The stage floor is maple over plywood, over two layers of sleepers, over neoprene blocks. The floor has excellent resilency for ballet and other dance. The floor is stained a slate black color. Nailing or screwing into the floor is not allowed. The maximum allowable load on the floor is 160 lbs/sq. ft.

Dressing Rooms

Located directly behind the stage are six private dressing rooms each with its own make up station, toilet, sink and shower. The basement level contains two chorus dressing rooms. Dressing room “A” (2,000 sq/ft) is equipped with 24 make up stations and dressing room “B” (1,800 sq/ft) is equipped with 31 make up stations. Both rooms are equipped with sinks, showers and toilets. A 490 sq/ft greenroom is located adjacent to the chorus dressing rooms. 

Lighting System

Follow Spots

The Center is equipped with two Strong Xenon Super Troupers located in a booth at the rear of the balcony. The throw is 150’-0 to the front edge of the stage.

Company Switch

The company switch is located SL. Available power consists of four company switches. Each company switch is 3 phase, 4 wire, 120/128v 60hz, 400 amps/phase. Connection is with lugs. The house transfer panel, located adjacent to the company switch, permits control of 108 FOH circuits by road boards.

Control Board

The control board is an ETC Insight ION.
Instrument Inventory
6 – 15-30-degree source four zooms
26 – 10-degree source fours, plus extra lenses
32 – 19-degree source fours
14 – 26-degree source fours
39 – 36-degree source fours
15 – 50-degree source fours
3 – Colortran 5 degree ERS 1000
12 – Colortran 10 degree ERS 1000
23- Colortran 12 degree ERS 1000
12 – Colortran 20 degree ERS 1000
5 – Colortran 30 degree ERS 1000
4 – Colortran 40 degree ERS 1000
12 – 8’-0 Borderlight (R/B/G) 1500/cir
15 – Colortran FAR CYC 3-cir 1000/cir
200 – Par Cans
12 – Source Four 5-degree, plus extra lenses
30 – Source Four PARs
8 – LekoLite Mini Zoom

Lighting Inventory

188 Par 64’s (1k Various: Wide, Medium, Narrow)
26 Source Four Pars (750W Various: Wide, Medium, Narrow)
12 Colortran Cyc Strips (3 Lamps Per)
5 Groundrow (12 Lamps Per)
80 (750W) ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal

In any combination of the following barrels:
12-5 degree
35-10 degree
20-19 degree
11-36 degree
17-26 degree
6-50 degree

Please Note:
(*18-26 degree 750w now live on 2nd Beam)
(6 15-30 degree Zooms now live on 1st beam)
(24 10 Degree 750w Now live on 3rd Beam)
(4 5 degree 750w now live on 3rd Beam)
Light Plots with positions and circuit numbers are available.

34 (575W) ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal
In any combination of the following barrels:
7-19 degree 
22-36 degree
11-50 degree
8-26 degree

1st and 2nd Beam Positions

3rd Beam Positions

12- 8’ strip lights with PAR lamps, 3 circuts each
15- Colortran FAR cyc lights
8- strand Lekolite mini-zooms
2- strong Xenon Super Trouper followspots
8- lighting booms (21’H)

PAR’s in canopy, sound bridge, and concert ceilings
41- canopy
6- Sound Bridge
18- CC 1
18-CC 2
18- CC 3
7- CC 4


Dimmer per circuit configuration with 345 @ 2.4kw, 30 @ 6.0kw. Non Dims available: 6 @ 2.4kw and 6 @ 6.0kw. All patching is electronic through the lighting control board.

​Sound Equipment

Main Speaker Cluster

Located directly downstage of the proscenium opening the main speaker cluster can be raised or lowered to produce desired coverage. Hi-Frequency horns consist of six Renkus-Heinz SSH-500 and one JBL 2397. Mid Frequency horns are six Eastern Acoustics Works model MR-109 (305 watts output). Low Frequency horns are four Eastern Acoustics Works model BH-212 (540 watts output).

Portable Speakers

Smaller portable equipment available are two side fill loudspeakers (each contains one Renkus-Heinz SSH-500, one JBL E145, one JBL 4560A, and one JBL 2404H) and six Eastern Acoustics SM-150 stage slant loudspeakers. All are equipped with Neutrik Speakon connectors.


All microphones and line-level connections are made with 3-pin XLR professional audio connectors.

Microphone Inventory-

High Performance
4 – Shure SM 59 (cardioid)
6 – Schoeps CMC 5u preamplifiers
Capsules Available
2 – Schoeps MK 4 (cardioid)
2 – Sennheiser MD421 (cardioid)

4 – AKG C430 condenser instrument mics
2 – Calrec CC 01/CB 20C (omnidiretional)
4 – Calrec CC 56 (handheld cardioid)
8 – Shure SM 58 (cardioid)
7 – Shure SM 57 (cardioid)
1 – Crown PZM-6-LP/PX-18 Black
3 – Crown PCC-160 (boundry)
6 channels of Samson Super TD wireless

Mixing Consoles

Two (2) Allen and Heath GL 4000 Mixing Consoles. One located at Front of House position. One located in Recording Booth behind glass at the rear of the Orchestra Seating Level. Each console is 24x8x3 with 4 stereo inputs, 10 auxes and 2 Matrices.

Auxiliary Sound Equipment

One (1) Ashley Protea Model 4.24G Four Channel Digital EQ and System processor with Four Channel Slave and Remote Controller. Four DBX 166 dueal compressors. One DBX 1074 gate. Four Urei LA-4 Compressor/Limiters. Two Yamaha ProMix-01 digital mixers. Six Sabine SL-610 Feedback Exterminators. Panasonic SV-3700 Digital Audio Tape recorder. Tascam 122 MKIII stereo cassette recorder. Ramsa WZ-9375 Digital Delay. Two Ramsa WP-9440 350W/channel power amplifiers.

Communications System

The Center is equipped with a Clear-Com communications sytem which allows paging, headset, and intercommunication to 27 stations located throughout the stage and auditorium.

Hearing Impaired System

Patrons with a hearing disability are able to enjoy performances through use of the Center’s Phonic-Ear hearing-impaired system. This system utilizes the low frequency FM band 75.675 MHz.


Main Curtain

Located directly upstage of the proscenium its operaton is either motorized fly (50’-0 per minute) or hand drawn from SR (2 stagehands required). The Velour main curtain is sage green in color and 86’-0 wide x 43’-0 high.


8 sets of black velour legs (8’-9 stage curtains (each panel is 28’-6 wide x 43’-0 high, 4 panels total)


Light Blue Sky Drop (65’-0 wide x 52’-0 high)
Light Blue Sharkstooth Scrim (65’-0 wide x 30’-0 high)