Nov 4, 2019

C.S. Lewis - Screwtape Letters - March 2020

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The Screwtape Letters, the provocative and wickedly funny theatrical adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ novel about spiritual warfare from a demon’s point of view, returns to Colorado Springs at Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, March 15, at 4 p.m.


The Screwtape Letters creates a topsy-turvy, morally-inverted universe set in an eerily stylish office in hell, where God is the “Enemy” and the devil is “Our Father below.” The play follows His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape, Satan’s senior tempter, and his slavish creature-demon Toadpipe, as they train an apprentice demon on how to ruin the life and damn the soul of an unsuspecting human on earth.


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