Sep 16, 2019

Adam Trent - December 2019

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Showcasing his futuristic brand of magic, Trent has mesmerized live audiences around the globe, in person and as a featured guest on “America’s Got Talent,” “The Today Show,”  “Ellen,” “Rachael Ray Show,” and “Disney Channel” among countless other TV appearances. Trent also stars in his own 10-episode TV series “The Road Trick” on RedBull TV and NETFLIX.


Trent inaugurated the first three years of The Illusionists’ record breaking Broadway runs, which served as a launching pad for his own live show and tour.


“I am so excited to hit the road and bring an entirely new show to audiences around the world,” said Trent, who has always thought that magic should be entertaining first and tricky second. He doesn’t want people to remember “tricks” as much as the laughs and memories made with the performance.


“This will be a show like you’ve never seen. The holidays are already a magical time of year, and Holiday Magic encapsulates exactly that. There is no artform in the world that can capture the essence of the holidays quite like magic can.”


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